Relaxing Camping in Nature

Odder Strand Camping has a lot to offer. First of all it offers camping where you can calm down and relax in nature.

  • Birds singing
  • Blue skies
  • A peaceful mind

It is peaceful and allows you to enjoy the holidays with your family.

If you love to enjoy your vacation in a nice calm tempo, Odder Strand Camping is the perfect place for your vacation. Experience the scenic nature in Odder.

cozy atmosphere and wonderful surroundings are perfect and offer great opportunities to have a vacation in a calming tempo with time to enjoy being together.

Camping by Aarhus and Horsens

The camp site is placed central between Aarhus and Horsens. Whether you like cultural experiences or just some quit and relaxing times, there is something for everyone.

  • Cultural experiences
  • Relaxing times
  • Vacation for the entire family

Odder Strand Camping is perfect for a vacation full of experiences.

Combine the scenic surroundings at Odder Strand Camping with cultural experiences in Aarhus or Horsens only in a short distance from the camp site.

In other words, at Odder Strand Camping you have the opportunity to enjoy life and take your time and just relax.


Odder Strand Camping
between Aarhus and Horsens

Odder Strand

Toldvejen 50
8300 Odder
Tel: +45 8655 6306