Go fishing

Grab your fishing rod and enjoy the peacefulness by the deep blue water. The long coast near the camp site offers exciting and varied types of fish.

  • Sea trouts, mackerel and many more
  • Coast, water or Put ‘n take
  • Peacefulness

Relax with a day fishing.



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Unique fishing by coast and see

By the camp site you’ll find Hølken Beach – one of the best places to fish. Here you’ll find different types of exciting fish and especially a lot of sea trouts.

Stand at the coast or take a dinghy on the water and find other types of fish. Garfish, mackerel, mullet, codd and flatfish. With a good portion of patience everything is possible.

A good fishing experience

Also at the local Put ’n take it is possible to have a good fishing experience. Are you beginner or experienced? It doesn’t matter – everybody will enjoy fishing.

Or visit some of the many lakes in the area only a short drive from the camp site. Here you’ll find fishing in a relaxing tempo in lovely nature. We can’t guarantee that you’ll catch any fish, but the possibilities of catching a rainbow trout are good.

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